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Empowering business leaders to create a big impact & love their jobs again.

How We Help:

Career Acceleration

Whether you are ready to change industries, level-up, or shift into something completely new, our career coaching services will help you get there faster and easier.

Leadership Development

You need to demonstrate you have what it takes long before you get that well-deserved promotion.  Our leadership development programs set you up for success and help you become the leader people choose to follow.

Advancing Women in Business

It’s nearly impossible to figure out what keeps us stuck and our careers stalled. Our women’s leadership programs help you identify what’s keeping you stuck and empowers you to cut through the B.S. so you can accelerate your career.

People Hire Us When:

They are sick of being passed over by the office politician for promotions

They are ready to reduce stress, leave it at the office, and enjoy work again.

They want to be rewarded and acknowledged for valuable suggestions and ideas.

They long to join the "in" crowd and be included in all the special projects.

They are ready to be rewarded for challenging upper management with new ideas and suggestions.

They want to be inspired, excited, and ready to jump out of the bed in the morning.

“Tammy has been an invaluable career coach and advocate in reassessing my career interests and skills. She’s a dynamic professional and strategic thinker which is a MUST in the current environment as well as when contemplating upgrading and enhancing careers. Working with Tammy has lead to greater connectivity with former business colleagues as well as opportunities. I could not have made a better investment in ME by working with Tammy.  She is officially a trusted advisor. 

Charles "Chuck" Myers

Our Team

Tammy Alvarez

Tammy Alvarez

Career Accelerator & Leadership Sage

As a visionary, Tammy Alvarez helps you see and create the vision for your career.  Helping you “Break all the Rules” so that you can optimize your career and performance.

Tammy uses her decades of C-Suite experience on Wall Street to coach you through the hurdles of getting the top office and shows you what it takes to finally achieve everything you were meant to achieve. Tammy’s signature coaching program will guide you to quickly find the ideal position to feed your skillset, your passion, and ultimately your legacy

She has helped hundreds of business professionals achieve massive career success by pivoting and reinventing their careers. Enabling them to shift to virtually any role, in any industry, they choose. Even during the recent COVID pandemic.  Through her Career Accelerator Program, she has helped clients recession-proof, future-proof, and pandemic-proof their careers so they can live life on their own terms forever. 

During her 20 year corporate career Tammy became a renowned business transformation and turnaround expert.  Her vision and leadership led to global business transformations for AIG, Bank Leumi USA, Genesis10, and Bank of America.

Susan Hollister

Susan Hollister

Leadership Guru & Interview Crushing Expert

As a senior CWC coach, Susan makes sure our clients always stand out from the crowd.  She delivers expert guidance on how to produce resumes, bio’s, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that get noticed. Her high impact coaching sessions will help you to prep for that big interview and land your dream job.

For over 25 years Susan has been helping develop leaders in various industries to reach greater success by identifying their strengths and streamlining their skillsets for optimum results.

Susan’s transformational and tenacious leadership skills help clients achieve goals faster and improve performance so they get noticed, promoted, or hired.

As a human resources executive and global thought leader, Susan provides a unique and worldly perspective to motivate, inspire, and cultivate leaders across the globe.

Susan’s various degrees in Psychology, Organizational Management, and Development guide people to reach their fullest potential. It’s her secret talent.

“As someone who has a strong work ethic, it was demoralizing not to be gainfully employed. While my personal faith quietly assured me that ‘all will be well’, seeking a meaningful paid position has been a painful journey. I had a solid academic and professional background, and yet I was lost in a wilderness of fruitless job searches. 

In the middle of a pandemic, I took a chance on someone I had ever met before—to engage in a 5-Day Challenge –a process that could have been another attempt at ‘busy work’. What I gained was a group of purpose-driven individuals seeking to re-imagine their careers under the facilitation of Tammy Alvarez. She has given me the direction and motivation to persevere. Tammy Alvarez pushes us to shed habits and attitudes that are obstacles to growth, and instead, establish meaningful goals—while celebrating accomplishments large and small. Propelling me to go deeper– as part of the Career Accelerator Program (CAP) where I am re-discovering my skills and competencies, honing my talents and nourishing my confidence.

Claudette Reid

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