It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.


You want to make fewer mistakes, adapt fast, and easily navigate complex situations.

Quickly learn how to take the right risks at the right time and gain Board support.

Establish your executive presence and become a trusted advisor at the senior leadership table.

76% of our clients reported exceeding their employers’ expectations, and have increased employee engagement scores by over 8% within 12 months.


CWC is an incredible resource. My coach is uniquely capable of surveying a difficult situation and creating a plan of action for success. During my roles as a senior executive, my coach supported my transition from profit to non-profit explorations and back to corporate and then as CEO and COO of two vastly different manufacturing companies. She helped me to see the toolkit I had at my disposal and the gaps so that I could take on new challenges. Their program is a game-changer for anyone leading through difficult times.

Elka Oliver

Chief Operating Officer, NOTS

Earning your spot as a Chief Officer can be easier than keeping it. Level up fast, thrive at the senior leadership table, and become the leader your Board of Directors is seeking.


The C-Suite Executive Advantage Program and our expert executive coaches will get you there.

Make an impact and inspire your organization to achieve more.


2 managers talking


Learn how to:

Navigate and lead effectively through high-stakes and demanding situations.

Adjust to complex political and operational norms.

Exceed increased expectations and inspire large and diverse teams to rally behind your strategic vision.

Build strong relationships with the Board and your peers.

Navigate and succeed at the senior leadership table!

When you join the C-Suite Executive Advantage Program you will:

Enhance your executive presence and successfully make complex business decisions with ease.

Collaborate with a C-Suite coach who has been in your shoes, so you can discuss topics you can't broach with your peers.

Inspire your teams, peers, stakeholders, and Board of Directors as you develop innovative strategies to move the business forward.


I worked with CWC at a key inflection point in my career when I needed to be strategic and clear-eyed about choosing my next opportunity. Their coaching modules provided an ideal mix of structure and self-paced guidance that helped make my story compelling to hiring managers. My coach excelled at both long-term thinking as well as tactical intermediate planning that made those goals realistic. I especially recommend them if your background or goals are non-traditional, and you value customization.

Andy Pires

Chief of Staff, R-Zero


We are with you step-by-step as you boldly lead your company.

What we’ll cover:

Participate in diagnostic assessments to understand your natural talents

Develop your purposeful leadership style

Show up bigger

Leverage your strengths

grow your power base and network

lead high-performing teams

Build a winning culture

Nurture a deep bench of talent

Master business-centric risk management

Perfect the customer experience

Thrive through mergers and acquisitions

master powerful communication

Be more resiliEnt

Improve your influence

Refine your executive presence

Set boundaries and achieve life balance

Negotiate and have difficult conversations

Create winning business strategies

lead through change and uncertainty

Execute effectively

Coach teams for success

Develop your Board of Directors

Grow the business

This program has everything you need to thrive at the senior leadership table and deliver big results for you and your company.


I recently had the opportunity to work with CWC. My military career spanned 22 years in Special Forces, and I was transitioning to the civilian sector. Transitioning after several decades in the military is extremely stressful, and a level of stress that I previously did not know how to process. My coach’s knowledge and expertise went above and beyond what I expected. The level of executive guidance and down-to-earth advice was, frankly, invaluable. She provided a comprehensible framework that gave me clarity and focus on my future goals. My coach is a motivating optimist and is the teammate to have during your next career progression.

Jason Hunt

Chief Operating Officer, Dye Precision CNC

If you aren’t happy in the first 14 days we will give you 100% of your money back.


Our guarantee is simple. We want you happy or you get your dough back in your bank account.  You won’t have to jump through hoops, give up your firstborn, or take a blood oath.

Our guarantee is easy. If you’re not happy, just email us and we will process your refund.

Your full refund is guaranteed as long as it is within 14 days from the date you enrolled. Even awesome guarantees have to have a hard limit.


CWC and I became acquainted when I was hired into a very senior position relative to my experience level. My coach was able to help me navigate a complex corporate landscape and hone my change agent skills in a new organization. This helped me to grow and succeed in a challenging role. I always appreciate her no-nonsense style and focus on results. I am happy to have her as a friend and colleague to this day.

Steve Boycan

Managing Director, Managing Director

make this your moment


Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have time to settle into your elevated role. You’ve worked hard to get here, and demonstrated determination, grit, and skill. But things feel different now that you’ve arrived. Your peers are more aloof, everyone is watching, and the stakes are much higher. You’re not as self-assured as you used to be and need to level up quickly.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands, because nothing will change if you don’t change your approach.

We get it. People expect you to have all the answers. Colleagues that used to speak to you candidly now speak in politically correct riddles. Good data is hard to come by, and the impact of a poorly made decision can be significant. The pressure that’s mounting is enough to stop you in your tracks.

And you’re right. Trying to do this alone sucks. That’s why most people keep riding the struggle bus instead.

We also know how good it feels to wake up and look forward to each day. The rush you feel when you finally feel like you belong at the table. The pride when your teams are delivering, and everyone is on fire. The confidence you feel when you can make a tough call and not lose sleep at night.

You don’t want to spend every day second-guessing your decisions and slowing your team down, and we don’t want you to do that either.

That’s why our expert executive coaches work with ambitious leaders who want more for themselves. People like you are using our proven process to achieve epic results for themselves and their companies each and every day.

Imagine how amazing life will be when you lead naturally and authentically at this level, your teams are performing, customers are delighted, and your business is growing.

It’s not a pipe dream. Our clients are crushing it in the C-suite. And 76% have seen a 6x return on their coaching investment in less than 6 months.

The opportunities are endless.

You don’t have to compromise.

We will show you how.

Tammy Alvarez Career Winners Circle

I'm Tammy Alvarez

Founder of the Career Winners Circle

At the heart of every successful business are leaders who inspire courage. My background as a C-Suite executive on Wall Street plays a big part in our approach to coaching. During my 25-year corporate career, I was always the underdog. The only female, the youngest member on the leadership team, the one without the education, pedigree, or experience that everyone else had. I had to succeed differently. And through a lot of trial and error, I found a way to have a thriving career.

Along my journey, I saw hundreds of talented leaders struggle. They ended up feeling disenfranchised and unimportant. The further along they were in their careers, the harder things got. This is why our spirited “Break all the Rules” approach is so effective. We will help you move beyond the things that hold you back from greatness. We understand the power that doing work that matters has on your career and your life. I believe that everyone deserves to make a big impact and love every Monday morning again.

Talk to one of our expert coaches today and see how fast you and your company can grow! 


Deliver big results and take control of your future today!