• Want to do something different but aren’t sure what that “something different” is
  • Are worried it might be too late for you
  • Feel like you should have it all figured out by now (and don’t)
  • Are being left behind and aren’t sure why
  • Are sick and tired of the daily grind and want something that lights you up

In just 3 weeks you will know

• Why you don’t have it all figured out yet and how to change that
• How to make career decisions easier
• What blockers are holding you back
• If it’s too late for you
• How to find time in your busy
• Your new direction

95% of our clients get big results fast.

They have an exciting new role or promotion within 5 months and they are earning 20% more on average.

What People Are Saying . . .


Tameeka Henry

“This approach allowed me to unlock unrealized potential and work purposefully towards new strategic goals.”

Brian Fahey

It’s time to chart a new course and create the amazing career you’ve been dreaming about



Daily motivation and inspiration to keep you moving forward

Tools and Job Aids to help you learn new skills in setting your career strategy

Collaborate with amazing people just like you so everyone grows faster

Real-time coaching and engagement with career coach experts

Engage and earn points toward epic prizes!

It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out yet



You’ve never had the luxury of choice before



Don’t let uncertainty keep you from having the career and lifestyle you deserve



What People Are Saying . . .

“Her knowledge of the industry and how things work was a big plus, it’s her style, demeanor and energy that really made the difference.”

Chris Piparo

“I learned to dig deeper and say yes to what I really wanted to focus on.”

Tonya Blazio

Why Do I Need the Career Clarity Challenge?


Taking control of your career is a priority for you

Maybe you’ve gotten stuck in a career rut and it’s slowed you down

Or you played it safe for too long and are now regretting it

Perhaps you’re in an exciting new role and want to plan your next big move

The mistake many people make is just going with the flow and hoping it will all work out

And then you get bored or stuck

The reality is the only one REALLY looking out for your career is YOU

You know you’ve got amazing skills and there is so much more you can (and should) be doing

If you stay the course, your ultimate career success may never come

You need to take a totally different approach

Without having a strong career strategy it’s nearly impossible

The good news is, I have spent 30 years successfully breaking the rules and have helped hundreds of people chart a brand new path

And I promise I’ll share all my dirty little secrets with you

Imagine having a strong sense of what your next big thing will be

You will learn all the things that have been holding you back

And how to tap into your full potential so you can accelerate your career

You will learn how to come over the hesitation, fear, and self-shaming that comes from not having a clear direction

Your motivation, drive, and ambition will be supercharged every single day

There’s a community of people who are just like you and want you to succeed (Unlike your frenemies in the office)

You know your friends and colleagues can only do so much to help you

And they’re not going to challenge you to grow or tell you the most important things you need to know

Imagine having the power of a new career strategy at your fingertips

You don’t have to compromise

The opportunities are endless

When you join the Career Clarity Challenge today


“She’s a dynamic professional and strategic thinker which Is a MUST in the current environment and when contemplating upgrading and enhancing careers.”

Chuck Myers

“Tammy’s guidance is inspirational, her methods are practical and her corporate experience helped me move faster than I expected. She kept me motivated, made the entire process fun, and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Ruth Esehak-Gillespie

Hi! I’m Tammy. Let’s break some rules! 

I believe that everyone deserves a successful career they can be proud of. If you are not jumping out of bed on Monday mornings excited about the day ahead, the impact you’ll make, and the opportunities you’ll have; then something is wrong.

Stepping into a thriving career that you control isn’t a pipe dream. It’s not reserved for “other people”, and you are closer than you think to be able to experience the thrill of every Monday.

There’s just one thing standing in your way… I call it “The System”

The system is all of the unspoken rules that every company has. They are intended to help you grow but in reality, they hold you back.  These rules are designed for the masses to follow, trusting that good work will be recognized on its own merit and in its own time.

The system is self-serving

The system takes too long

The system doesn’t work

And I know what does

I’ve made it my mission to help talented people just like you to get back in the game, take control over your career, and chart your path to success however you define it.

My programs work because I’ve been in your shoes for a long time. During my 20-year corporate career, I became a renowned business transformation and turnaround expert. I held roles as a Managing Director at AIG, First Senior Vice President at Bank Leumi USA, Chief Operating Officer at Genesis10, and Senior Vice President at Bank of America.

I learned how things work and I love sharing all this insider information with you. When you learn what really happens your mind is blown and everything suddenly makes sense. And when you know the rules, you can show up bigger, play better, and reach your goals faster.

I’ve helped hundreds of people get more out of their careers and I’d love to help you too which is why I created the Career Winners Circle.  Join me and see how easy it is to go as far as your ambition will take you.  

Tammy Image

Take control of your career, your stability, and your future today!