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    I’ve worked with numerous executive coaches throughout my career in technology and my CWC Coach is by far the best. She helped me navigate through an important transition in my own career. Providing me with critical strategies and tools required to elevate my presence within my organization. She is tremendously focused on client success and continuously provided objective feedback throughout the process. She is someone whom I continuously look to for her expert insights and vision. 

    Brian Fahey

    Senior Manager, Akamai Technologies


    I have had a successful career yet, I found myself lost and couldn’t see a new, clear path forward for myself. I met with CWC and knew right away they had the experience, direct approach, and strong spirit that I needed to work with. They have a system to help evaluate your experience, skills, and passion and use that to develop a plan for the future which includes marketing yourself. My coach was always prepared, provided insight, and challenged some of my ways of thinking. I can’t recommend CWC enough.  

    Marianne Mason

    Lead Engineer, Volvo

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    CWC has guided me throughout my career. My coach provides excellent insights that allow me to organize my goals and remain consistent in my career growth. She offers clarity, energy, and the push you need to take the next step. 

    Rumal Ahmed

    Vice President, Citi


    It was a great jumpstart.  My CWC coach is always so encouraging and invigorating.  I really respect her as a businesswoman and a coach.  I would highly recommend CWC.  It is a lot of work in a short time but well worth it.

    Gwen Jordan

    Business Manager, UBS Financial Services

    The best leaders are constantly taking stock and improving. If you’re asking these questions, it may be time to level up your leadership game…

    Are my capabilities and talents being utilized to their fullest potential?

    How do I stay motivated and inspire my teams when we’re all tired and burnt out?

    Why is it so hard to get everyone on the same page?

    Am I making the best use of our team’s talent, budget, and time?

    How can I avoid playing office politics and still be effective?

    Something’s not working. How do I figure out what it is and fix it?

    Leadership should be fun. Deliver stronger business results, and create an amazing culture all while accelerating your own career.


    I worked with CWC at a key inflection point in my career when I needed to be strategic and clear-eyed about choosing my next opportunity. Their coaching modules provided an ideal mix of structure and self-paced guidance that helped make my story compelling to hiring managers. My coach excelled at both long-term thinking as well as tactical intermediate planning that made those goals realistic. I especially recommend them if your background or goals are non-traditional, and you value customization.

    Andy Pires

    Chief of Staff, R-Zero


    CWC’s insightful homework exercises and their coaches’ positive attitude brought much-needed structure to my career search. Before I started with CWC I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do or how to start. She helped me think introspectively, learn new things about myself, set goals, and hold myself accountable for achieving them. I’d recommend CWC to anyone who wants to double-click on their career!

    Niki Taylor

    Director, Mastercard

    yin yang communicate lead

    What is Your Communication Style?

    Great leaders are amazing communicators. They seem to have “something” about them that’s captivating.

    Want to know a secret? They use their natural talents to inspire everyone around them.

    Find out your communication style and learn how to use it to become a better leader.

    What's Your Style?


    CWC and I became acquainted when I was hired into a very senior position relative to my experience level. My coach was able to help me navigate a complex corporate landscape and hone my change agent skills in a new organization. This helped me to grow and succeed in a challenging role. I always appreciate her no-nonsense style and focus on results. I am happy to have her as a friend and colleague to this day.

    Steve Boycan

    Managing Director, Canateo


    The CWC program gives you the right steps to take in order to take control of your career.  Listening to my coach is such a joy, and she knows how to motivate you to do what is necessary.

    Benny Bruno

    Chief Security Office, Head of Risk Monitoring, Deutsche Bank

    Leadership & Promotion RESOURCES

    Discover 5 Ways to Create Purposeful Work Right Now

    Discover 5 Ways to Create Purposeful Work Right Now


    The CWC program set me up for moving forward. I learned to dig deeper and say yes to what I really wanted to focus on. I highly recommend it and the tools are priceless. Thanks, Tammy and the CWC team!

    Tonya Blazio-Licorish

    Archives Content Developer, Penske Media Corporation


    My CWC coach has the ability to present a complex life process into bite-size elements that are easy to follow and to make mindset shifts to take control over the professional stage you are in.  I am looking forward to starting to implement some of the great advice. Thank You!

    Bernardo Llerenas

    Corporate and Investment Banking Compliance, Wells Fargo

    Strong leaders create a lasting impact.

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    CWC has experts in professional coaching. They will give you tips, methods, and most importantly the confidence to pursue and achieve your career dreams. They help you find clarity in all aspects of your professional journey and are your biggest cheerleader along the way.

    McKayla Murphy

    Director of Sales, Element Boozeman


    This program definitely got me back on track and ready to aggressively move forward. I look forward to continuing working with CWC. The support, direction, and motivation are amazing.

    Joseph Barbato

    Chief Operating Officer, Evolution Metals Corp.