June 27th – July 1st 

5 Days to Shift Your Career Into High Gear

Break all the rules and create your customized accelerator plan.


A customized plan to map out forward movement.


Take the steps to pivot your career in a new direction.


Meet the goal and achieve your desired career change.

Calling all corporate rule breakers!

Are you ready for a career change?

Do you have to make a change now because your hand is being forced?

Are you tired of doing 10 peoples jobs and being passed over for promotions?

Do you worry about making a change in a fluctuating economy?

Need a confidence boost to get out there and strut your stuff?

Are you a top performer in a failing industry and don't want to sink with the Titanic?

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“I learned to dig deeper and say yes to what I really wanted to focus on.”

Tonya Blazio

“Her knowledge of the industry and how things work was a big plus, it’s her style, demeanor and energy that really made the difference.”

Chris Piparo

“I had no idea where to start and was afraid to get out of my comfort zone. The Program and amazing guidance helped empower me and my career.”

Lana Kelley

Are you ready to:

Love Monday's

Instead of dreading the end of the weekend.

Love Your Job

Job security and the income you deserve.

love your life

Be proud and excited about what you do.

Tammy Image

In 5 Days You Will Learn The Skills To:

Narrow down the things you love doing

Inventory the awesome skills you can leverage

Figure out where your talents are in the highest demand

Meet smart people who are already doing what you would love to do

Make one simple mind-blowing change and never have to look for a job again.

What People Are Saying . . .

Tammy is an amazing coach, someone who is an expert at helping you tap into what makes you tick. She provides the tools, you do the work. I’ve gotten more call-backs and interviews, and once life returns to a post-COVID normal — whatever that is — I expect to be working at a place I love. (I’m consulting now.) 

Adria Gallup-Black, Ph.D.

Tammy was methodical, detailed and available – giving me homework assignments and working expertly through the moments when I was “stuck”. The highlight was developing a branding strategy and discovering my personal “It Factor”. I am happy to recommend Tammy to anyone seeking a career change, is ready to bust through momentary obstacles, wants to define career goals, and rediscover the hidden talents.

~Richard Goldstein

“Tammy is an incredible resource. She is uniquely capable of surveying a difficult situation and creating a plan of action for success. During my roles as a senior executive, Tammy supported my transition from profit to non-profit explorations and back to corporate and then as CEO and COO of two vastly different manufacturing companies. She helped me to see the toolkit I had at my disposal and the gaps so that I could take on new challenges.”

Elka Oliver

You’re not out of options.

You don’t have to settle.

Take charge of your future today!


How does the challenge work?

  • After you register for the challenge you will get instant access to the welcome module which you should complete as soon as possible.
  • You’ll get access to one new challenge each day that we’re “live”. You can complete the challenge activities whenever it’s convenient for you each day.
  • There is a live session each night where you learn our best career-changing moves, meet amazing people, win amazing prizes and get all your questions answered. While we strongly suggest you attend every live session, each session is recorded so you can listen to the playback if you miss one.


How much time does the challenge take?

Plan on about 2 hours each day. One hour at the live session and another hour completing your challenge and engaging with the community.


How much does it cost?

It’s completely free!


How do I know if this challenge is right for me?

This challenge is for you if you:

  • Have been in a career you don’t love for too long
  • Aren’t sure what you should do next
  • Want to make a change and need help

This challenge is not for you if you:

  • Want someone else to do the work for you
  • Aren’t fully committed to having a better life and career
  • Avoid learning new things and having fun while doing it


What will I learn in this challenge?

  • Narrow down the things you love doing the most
  • Inventory the awesome skills you can leverage
  • Learn the secret to landing a job you’ve never done before
  • Avoid the critical mistake that causes you to take a pay cut
  • Learn the 1 mindset shift you need to make to never have to look for a job again

What will I experience in this challenge?

  • A safe and supportive community like you’ve never experienced before
  • The inside track on how things “really work”
  • New perspectives that will blow your mind
  • Fun, laughter and growth every single day