Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create one.


You know you're ready for a promotion, but don't know how to get the right people to notice.

Your strategy of working harder, taking on more work, and waiting for that promotion isn't working.

You've been passed up for a promotion and need to be sure that doesn't happen again.

87% of our clients receive a promotion or significant increase in compensation within 8 months.


CWC has guided me throughout my career. My coach provides excellent insights that allow me to organize my goals and remain consistent in my career growth. She offers clarity, energy, and the push you need to take the next step.

Rumal Ahmed

Vice President, Citi

Get promoted, make the impact you’re capable of, and earn the money you deserve.


 The Fast Track Promotion Program and our expert coaches will get you there.

Level up and get promoted.



The reasons they want you back


Learn how to:

Develop the skills to get you to the next level in your career.

Take on the projects that will get the right people to recognize your talents.

Get ahead without playing sleazy office politics.

Self promote without looking like an egotistical jerk.

It’s time to get recognized for your talents and grow your career!

When you join the Fast Track Promotion Program you will:

Identify what is slowing you down and how to get back on track.

Find sponsors who will advocate for you when you're not in the room.

Step into a new leadership role and make the impact you've always wanted to make.


CWC’s insightful homework exercises and their coaches’ positive attitude brought much-needed structure to my career search. Before I started with CWC I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do or how to start. She helped me think introspectively, learn new things about myself, set goals, and hold myself accountable for achieving them. I’d recommend CWC to anyone who wants to double-click on their career!

Niki Taylor

Director, Director


We are with you step-by-step as you grow your career.

What we’ll cover:

Participate in Diagnostic assessments to understand your natural talents

Develop your purposeful leadership style

Show up bigger

Leverage your strengths

Grow your power base and network

Lead high-performing teams

Build a winning culture

Master business-centric risk management

Master powerful communication

Be more resilient

Improve your influence

Refine your executive presence

Set boundaries and achieve life balance

Negotiate and have difficult conversations

Lead through change and uncertainty

Execute effectively

This program has everything you need to strengthen the skills that will get you promoted and help you step into a thriving leadership role that energizes you.


The CWC program gives you the right steps to take in order to take control of your career.  Listening to my coach is such a joy, and she knows how to motivate you to do what is necessary.

Benny Bruno

Chief Security Office, Head of Risk Monitoring, Deutsche Bank

If you aren’t happy in the first 14 days we will give you 100% of your money back.


Our guarantee is simple. We want you happy or you get your dough back in your bank account.  You won’t have to jump through hoops, give up your firstborn, or take a blood oath.

Our guarantee is easy. If you’re not happy, just email us and we will process your refund.

Your full refund is guaranteed as long as it is within 14 days from the date you enrolled. Even awesome guarantees have to have a hard limit.


CWC is an invaluable resource that empowers women and builds strong leaders. As a former corporate leader, my coach has always encouraged me to ‘speak up’ and find my own authentic voice. Her guidance, authenticity, and work ethic made her mentorship so beneficial in my career. I have been promoted due to my stronger leadership skills and my work with higher-performing teams. The CWC coach’s energy is contagious and will fuel you with the desire to succeed! I’m happy to have them in my corner.

Birlinda Monestime

Vice President, Morgan Stanley

make this your moment


Don’t make a mistake and think that doing a great job is enough to get promoted. You’ve already signed up for the extra projects, put in the long hours, and always said yes when asked. Yet the promotions still aren’t coming.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands, because nothing will change if you don’t change your approach.

We get it. Your work should stand on its own. You don’t want to play office politics, self-promote, and schmooze your way to the top. The games people play to get ahead are enough to stop you in your tracks.

And you’re right. Trying to do this alone sucks. That’s why most people keep riding the struggle bus and watch as other people get promoted instead.

We also know how good it feels to wake up and be in that leadership role where you are thriving and making a difference. The rush you feel when your team is crushing it, and they trust you. The pride you have when you and your teams get recognized for the great work you do.

You don’t want to watch everyone get ahead while you do all the work, and we don’t want that to happen to you either.

That’s why our expert leadership development coaches work with ambitious leaders who want more for themselves. People like you are using our proven process to achieve epic results and get promoted each and every day.

Imagine how amazing life will be when you’re doing work you love, with an energized team, and making a valued impact.

It’s not a pipe dream. 87% of our clients have been successful, and so can you. On average, CWC clients see a 6x return on their coaching investment in less than 6 months.

The opportunities are endless.

You don’t have to compromise.

We will show you how.

Tammy Alvarez Career Winners Circle

I'm Tammy Alvarez

Founder of the Career Winners Circle

At the heart of every successful business are leaders who inspire courage. My background as a C-Suite executive on Wall Street plays a big part in our approach to coaching. During my 25-year corporate career, I was always the underdog. The only female, the youngest member on the leadership team, the one without the education, pedigree, or experience that everyone else had. I had to succeed differently. And through a lot of trial and error, I found a way to have a thriving career.

Along my journey, I saw hundreds of talented leaders struggle. They ended up feeling disenfranchised and unimportant. The further along they were in their careers, the harder things got. This is why our spirited “Break all the Rules” approach is so effective. We will help you move beyond the things that hold you back from greatness. We understand the power that doing work that matters has on your career and your life. I believe that everyone deserves to make a big impact and love every Monday morning again.

Talk to one of our expert coaches today and see how fast you and your company can grow! 


Get the promotion you deserve and take control of your future today!