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    CWC coaches are the real deal! This was a great experience that forced me to ask myself hard questions. The program helps you recognize what you bring to the table when you are trying to make that next move in your career. If you are ready to advance in your career, contact CWC now! You won’t regret it.

    Tameeka Henry

    Senior Product Designer, Spotify


    This was truly a mind-changing game. I dreaded the job search – always struggling with ways to “promote” myself. This program helped me clearly see all of the skills I have and how to present them.

    Jim Hoyer

    Manager - IT Virtualization, Temple University Health System

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    CWC has one of the most pragmatic and useful career coaching programs available. They break down the steps needed to take a professional from knowing that something just isn’t right in the career world to identifying what isn’t working and providing the encouragement and tools to fix it. Yet they go beyond just coaching on how to fix the problem. They encourage and equip a person to excel and to see dreams as not just dreams but the next most logical steps. When I started the program, I was unhappy on the job and had been discouraged enough professionally by work colleagues to question myself too often. Now, I have my confidence back, I know what I want next, and I know the future is solid rather than just hopeful. I will always be grateful that I reached out to CWC and participated in their career coaching program.

    Darla Nycamp

    Regulatory Compliance Counsel, USAA


    My CWC coach has been an invaluable career coach and advocate for me to reassess my career interests and skills. She’s a dynamic professional and strategic thinker which Is a MUST in the current environment and when contemplating upgrading and enhancing careers. I oftentimes refer to the work product created while working with my coach. This has led to greater connectivity with former business colleagues as well as opportunities. I could not have made a better investment in ME while working with CWC. They truly are my trusted advisor.

    Chuck Myers

    Head of Compliance Advisory, Santander Bank, NA

    Have these thoughts been holding you back from having a career you love?

    I have no idea what I want to do next. Shouldn't I have it all figured out by now?

    My days are insanely busy. How can I find the time to make a career change?

    How can I guarantee things will actually be better?

    I can’t help but wonder… is it too late for me to make a big career change?

    Will I need to take a step back and risk losing everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve?

    I haven’t focused on my resume, LinkedIn profile or network in years!

    Discover an exciting career, make a big impact, and love Monday mornings again.


    My CWC coach was methodical, detailed, and available – giving me homework assignments and working expertly through the moments when I was “stuck.” The highlight was developing a branding strategy and discovering my personal “IT” factor. I am happy to recommend CWC to anyone seeking a career change or just a boost to bust through momentary obstacles in defining career goals and rediscovering the hidden talents that lie within all of us.

    Richard Goldstein

    Mortgage Loan Officer, Scott Capital Group


    The CWC coaches are the type of people everyone needs in their life! Their career path, positive attitude, and excitement really helped me understand my full career potential through the career coaching program. I was at a point in my career where I wanted to experience something new but had no idea where to start. I had low confidence, imposter syndrome, and was afraid to get out of my comfort zone. Their program provided me with counsel, connections, and amazing guidance that I used to empower myself and my career. A huge thank you to Tammy and the CWC team. 

    Lana Kelley

    Senior Consultant, Protiviti


    This program was great! I learned a lot from my CWC coach. I feel like I can take control of what I want and what I expect moving forward in my career. I am so glad I took this program.

    Sade Osborne

    Department Manager, Citerella

    Leader pointing at strategy documents

    Has the time come for you to get a new job or reinvent your career?

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    CWC helped me define my job and life goals and refine my job search and branding. Their down-to-earth style was refreshing, and the specific coaching advice was very helpful in honing my interview skills. I also appreciated the community they have created with others working to move into their next role. 

    Nathaniel Wilson

    Engineering Manager, Montefiore Health Systems


    My CWC coach was amazing to work with and really helped me find direction when I was recently unemployed for the first time in my career. She guided me through this time and gave me the tools that I needed to set goals and succeed. CWC has created a wonderful community of people from whom I learned so much from. I feel lucky to have worked with CWC!

    Rachel O'Brien

    Specialty Merchant, The Hudson Group


    I was able to land my dream job and I am finally in my comfort zone! I want you to know how much CWC helped me during difficult times. I looked forward to learning new things and sharing ideas during each coaching session. The coaches are so energetic and motivational. I learned how to change my approach and got so much out of the program. It was worth every penny. Thank you!

    Irene Santos

    Group Travel Consultant, American Express


    ChangeMakers Podcast: Tammy Alvarez from Career Winners Circle – Love every Monday by becoming the CEO of your career

    ChangeMakers Podcast: Tammy Alvarez from Career Winners Circle – Love every Monday by becoming the CEO of your career

    Secrets of the Corporate Game Podcast: What You Need to Know to Become the CEO of Your Career with Tammy Alvarez

    Secrets of the Corporate Game Podcast: What You Need to Know to Become the CEO of Your Career with Tammy Alvarez

    Daring to Leap Podcast: 5 Myths Preventing Your Career Success: How to Overcome Them and Thrive | Empowerment & Career Advice

    Daring to Leap Podcast: 5 Myths Preventing Your Career Success: How to Overcome Them and Thrive | Empowerment & Career Advice

    Your Partner in Success Radio: Tammy Alvarez Love Monday Again

    Your Partner in Success Radio: Tammy Alvarez Love Monday Again


    The Career Coaching program with CWC helped me pivot my career and shift from a difficult boss and an industry that I no longer loved. The homework assignments were thought-provoking, and the coaching sessions really helped me understand my unique value and where to apply my talents. My coach’s guidance is inspirational, her methods are practical, and her corporate experience helped me move faster than I expected. She kept me motivated, made the entire process fun, and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. I couldn’t imagine a better partner to help me with this transition.

    Ruth Esehak-Gillespie

    International Sales Manager, Harper Collins Publishers


    CWC takes the time to make sure all its clients receive the tools and help needed to succeed in getting that dream job. Their expertise and knowledge are second to none. The coaches communicate extremely well, and in a timely fashion. They are a pleasure to work with their high energy is infectious. One of the best decisions I ever made was deciding to work with the CWC team.

    Wayne Anderson

    Varsity Head Coach, Marlboro High School


    I had a solid academic and professional background, yet I was lost in a wilderness of fruitless job searches. What was I doing wrong? I could not figure this out—I was stuck! When working with CWC, I met a group of like-minded individuals seeking to reimagine their careers. My coach pushed me to shed habits and attitudes that were obstacles to growth. Instead, I establish meaningful goals—while celebrating accomplishments large and small. I rediscovered my skills and competencies, honed my talents, nourished my confidence, and am now in a purpose-driven career that energizes me.

    Claudette Reid

    Pastor, North Reformed Church

    Hope is not a strategy.

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    If playing by the rules is slowing you down, it’s time to take charge of your future and schedule your free career strategy consultation today.


    This was the program I needed to zero in on what career opportunities I want to pursue. The resources CWC introduced me to are great tools that I am using to help me stand out in the job market. The homework assignments were very insightful.

    Jason Kinard

    Logistics Specialist, H.M.S Productions


    If you want to put yourself on the spot, to stop sitting idling while the world goes by, this is the program to take. CWC will help bring to light what you need to do to see yourself and put yourself above the rest of the crowd to get the job you want.

    Betty Figueroa

    Founder, Volunteer Chef