Purpose-Driven work

 Powering Through Procrastination

We’ve all been there… 

You wake up in the morning and it’s the first thing to cross your mind, when you lay down at night it shakes you out of your sleep. The one task that is plaguing your progress and feels like it’s staring you dead in the face 24/7. 

Procrastination is no joke and is one of the easiest yet most self-destructive self-limiting behaviors that we can slip into in our professional lives. Suddenly this one task that presented itself as part of your workday now has control over every aspect of your life. 

Procrastination doesn’t always result from tasks you don’t want to do, it might be something you look forward to completing. When anxiety takes the reins, a lack of clarity can persist and cause confusion and lead to even more procrastination. 

Being stuck in a shame spiral is no joke

Rather than giving procrastination control of your life, it’s important to fight back. A glimmer of hope is to remember that procrastination is a learned behavior, and can be consciously unlearned through persistence and hard work.

No… that doesn’t always mean sitting down and powering through a never-ending work session. Forcing yourself into astronomical levels of work can lead to decreased quality and even further the burnout that you may be experiencing. When in an uphill battle with procrastination, the idea is to work smarter not harder. 

3 Solutions to never procrastinating again:

  1. Focus on your goal 

    An important part of the process is internalizing what you want and truly understanding WHY you want it. It can be helpful to visualize success when searching for the motivation to stop procrastinating.

  1. Break it down 

    It’s important to break your goal into small tasks that can be accomplished without putting you into overwhelm.Trying to power through a million steps at once can cause burn out and has the potential to push you even further back.

  1. Do the work when you’re at your best

 Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, it is essential to do your most important work when you are at your optimal performance levels.


Here’s a little challenge for you- 

 Pick one thing you’ve been putting off that you know you should be doing. Then, take 1 step TODAY to take this off the procrastination list. Step back and ask yourself the following question: 

what minor accomplishments could bring you instantly closer to your goal? 

You got this! 

Breaking up with procrastination is hard work and certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Stay resilient, forgive yourself for setbacks, and push through the rejection to find a different path to get what you want if the one you are on isn’t working.

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