Quitting on your own terms

    How to Recession-Proof, Future-Proof and Pandemic-Proof Your Career so You Can Make Your Impact on the World

    2020 Has Sure Been a Doozy! 

    The Zombie apocalypse isn’t here but the career apocalypse has arrived.  Don’t worry, a crisis shouldn’t crush your career and this article will show you what you need to know to thrive during this global economic crisis and beyond.

    Self-isolation is a term no one was using pre-2020.  Now self-isolation, social distancing, quarantine and lock down are terms woven into our everyday conversations without a second thought.

    In terms of your career, keeping your career in lock down and not utilizing this time to your advantage is the most dangerous thing to do right now. Yet so many people feel stuck.

    Do any of these scenarios describe what you’re living through right now?

    • You’ve lost your job and your industry is headed for tough times. The prospect of doing what you’ve always done looks bleak.
    • You still have your job and colleagues are getting laid off. Now you are the one picking up all the work that’s left behind and asking yourself if you are next. You know you should feel grateful but…
    • You are employed (or self-employed) and ambitious. You know during these economic shifts entire industries rise and fall. You want to pivot from your dying industry so you don’t feel like the last person standing on the Titanic.

    If this is your life, you have a very important decision to make right now.

    Have you ever wanted a life where you can enjoy a career you love that makes you feel valued? One where you don’t have to worry about money or security and can experience the joy of having a lifestyle that allows you to focus on ALL of the important things in life?

    Or maybe you are tired of working for others and want to build something on your own?

    If you currently or once had the career you love then you know how amazing it is and how it just enriches your whole life. If you’re not there, maybe you’re wondering… What am I missing? Do I have what it takes? Is it even possible now with all the COVID-19 craziness?

    Have you ever seen those people who always seem to crush it? No matter what’s going on around them and the world, they always manage to land on their feet and actually end up better off. They have a job they love, make the money they deserve, provide for their families, give back to the community and have the lifestyle and security that most of us only dream about.

    How do they do that?  More importantly you may be thinking how do I do that?

    We call these people ‘lucky’.  What if I told you it isn’t luck?

    The difference between you and the so-called ‘lucky ones’ is so infinitesimally small that when you see what you need to do, you’ll kick yourself for not doing it sooner.

    Resilient people are no different than you. They have doubts, imperfections and major obstacles to overcome.  But they do have an unfair advantage and I want you to have it too.

    I am one of these ‘lucky’ ones. But I didn’t start out that way. Early in my career I was the sole provider for my family.  I had a beautiful two year old daughter and a fabulous husband who chose to be a stay at home dad.  I had a career I loved. The pay was decent, but we were living paycheck to paycheck.  One sunny Wednesday morning I walked into the office without a care in the world.  

    At 10 am I was fired. Just like that. Without any warning, in the blink of an eye it was over.  

    I was told I had to leave that day and I received a whopping two weeks of severance pay and our medical insurance was cancelled. 

    I spent time laying on the couch feeling sorry for myself believing all the things my imposter syndrome had been telling me

    “You knew you weren’t ready for that promotion… You should have gone to college… You should have worked harder… You shouldn’t have moved your family so far away from everyone you know just for a job… Your family is counting on you, how could you have failed them so badly? You just got fired; no-one is going to want you now.”  Feeling like a complete failure, this was a gut wrenching time for me.  

    Eventually the realization that I had a family to feed and bills to pay hit me hard. Filled with panic, dread and a massive fear of rejection; I got up, dusted off my resume and started looking for work. 

    I was in the technology staffing industry in the late 90’s and this was right at the peak of the Technology boom and Y2K frenzy.  I had no idea how marketable I was!  Within a few weeks I had a new job paying 25% more than the one that just fired me. While I dodged a major bullet; I learned one very important lesson: 

    I was never going to be caught unprepared again. I spent the next 20 years in a relentless pursuit to acquire every possible advantage to make my career bullet proof. And it worked! 

    I was in technology when the tech bubble burst. I was on Wall St. during 9-11, and I was in the mortgage industry during the financial crisis in 2007 (So much for being lucky). 

    My career didn’t survive these epic global economic disasters, it THRIVED. The skills, habits, tools and perspectives I was able to acquire all added up to a huge advantage advantage. During every crisis I leveled-up, made more money, had a bigger impact, and strengthened the security I could provide for my family.

    The things I learned are exactly what the ‘lucky ones’ use to have a huge advantage. 

    Creating your career so that it’s resilient and provides you with the luxury of living life on your own terms are closer than you may think. 

    It simply requires you to learn a three step process that focuses on: 

    1. Perspective
    2. Tactics
    3. Timing


    There are three fundamental perspectives you need to embrace 

    1. Radical thinking gets results – If you don’t think radically you are just going to end up frustrated and in the same place you so desperately want to move away from.
    2. You can pivot careers AND level-up – you don’t need to take a step back or make a lateral move when you change industries or careers.
    3. You have more transferable skills than you realize – this is the key to having a thriving career in any economic climate.


    There are five things you need to learn so you can pivot and grow your carer anytime you want to: 

    1. Always love what you do by committing to your core values and focusing on being in environments that give you the most energy.
    2. Have opportunities come to you by focusing on the value you deliver that makes you better than your competition.
    3. Pivot to virtually any industry by understanding how to combine your leadership, niche and transferable skills into a high demand offering.
    4. Stay relevant and top of mind by treating your career like a company and creating a compelling brand and marketing strategy so you are always part of the conversation.
    5. Get all the best advice and business insights by building a purposeful community of colleagues that want you to succeed as much as you do.


    Timing truly is everything! You need to focus on three core elements to make sure timing works in your favor. 

    1. Know when it’s time to make a move.  There are tell-tale signs when it’s time to make a move. Pay attention to them and take action before it’s too late.
    2. Accelerate when everyone else is pulling back.  The best time to pivot and grow is during chaos.
    3. There will never be a perfect time. Stop waiting for the perfect time or for you to hone in on that specific skill.  Perfection is an excuse to justify inaction and that will crush your progress.

    When you start to shift your perspective, implement new tactics and really focus on timing; you will be absolutely amazed at how far and how fast you can go!   Over the next three weeks we’ll be covering perspective, tactics and timing in greater depth so you can learn exactly how to apply these concepts. Once you know how to incorporate these ideas and skills into your career you’ll be on your way to regaining control and having a crisis-proof career and make your impact on the world!  I’m excited to see what amazing things you can do. 

    Get started today!

    Book your free 20 minutes strategy session by clicking the button below.

    Keep Learning

    Find more remote job hunting strategies over on our YouTube Channel.

    Tammy Alvarez is a visionary who catalyzes leaders to level up their performance for themselves and their businesses. Her spirited “Break all the Rules” approach blends decades of C-Suite experience on Wall Street with a pragmatic, results-based coaching style that helps business professionals create a big impact and love every Monday morning again.

    Tammy Alvarez

    CEO/Founder, Career Winners Circle

    About The Author

    Tammy Alvarez is the CEO and Founder of the Career Winners Circle.  A coaching firm that helps ambitious leaders in financial services and STEM industries rebuild vibrant careers without compromise, land new roles in 4-5 months, earn 20% more on average, and never hate Mondays again.  Tammy has started the #RemoteCareerRevolution so every knowledge worker can have a voice and benefit from gaining access to the tools and resources they need so they can have a vibrant career and lifestyle. Click here to learn more about the Remote Career Revolution.

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