How to Increase Your Job Offers by 80%


    If I told you I had a way for you to land your next role that had an 80% success rate; would you do it? Of course you would!

    Then why are you spending all your time cruising job boards and getting all depressed and demoralized from being ghosted when 80% of all the jobs are landed through networking and talking to real people?

    Well… because networking sucks.

    Check out this video to learn exactly how to network like a pro and land your dream job without all the pain and anxiety. Spoiler alert.. when you talk about what you love, not what you do; the whole conversation changes. 

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    Tammy Alvarez is a visionary who catalyzes leaders to level up their performance for themselves and their businesses. Her spirited “Break all the Rules” approach blends decades of C-Suite experience on Wall Street with a pragmatic, results-based coaching style that helps business professionals create a big impact and love every Monday morning again.

    Tammy Alvarez

    CEO/Founder, Career Winners Circle