Innovating Leadership: Co-Creating Our Future Podcast: The Job I Love to Hate

    You shudder when Monday rolls around. You dread checking overnight work messages on your phone when you wake up. Yup: it’s easy to find yourself in a career you don’t love, and not know how to get out.

    Take heart! Tammy Alvarez has been there. She found her way out…and now coaches people to help them forge the path to careers they actually love. She shares some of her tips with host Maureen Metcalf in this episode. One key mindset: think of your career as a business, and you are its CEO. If you’re still searching for the job that brings you joy, these tips from Tammy and her Career Winners Circle — a comprehensive collection of coaching and training programs designed to strengthen leaders to grow their careers quickly and sustainably – will help!

    Here’s what Tammy and Maureen cover:

    1. How to determine what parts of working can still make you passionate about a job,
    2. Why it’s never too late to switch jobs or careers – even as you near retirement, and
    3. Saying goodbye to quiet quitting as the leader of your team!

    Listen to the entire episode here:

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    Tammy Alvarez is a visionary who catalyzes leaders to level up their performance for themselves and their businesses. Her spirited “Break all the Rules” approach blends decades of C-Suite experience on Wall Street with a pragmatic, results-based coaching style that helps business professionals create a big impact and love every Monday morning again.

    Tammy Alvarez

    CEO/Founder, Career Winners Circle

    About The Author

    Tammy Alvarez is the CEO of the Career Winners Circle and is also an author, professional keynote speaker, inspirational coach, trainer, and epic storyteller.

    As an award-winning entrepreneur and former corporate executive, Tammy believes leaders who inspire courage are at the heart of every successful business.

    Tammy has an unwavering commitment to advancing ambitious business leaders so they can grow their careers as far as their drive will take them. She is the creator of the Career Success Blueprint – the ultimate executive career strategy framework, Own Your Power! – a pragmatic approach to advancing women leaders, and the CEO Advantage – helping small business owners scale without killing themselves in the process.