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    Networking Will Land You Your Dream Job

    Networking Will Land Your Dream Job

    Before you roll your eyes and say “I already know networking will land my dream job.” I want to paint a scenario for you. Let’s say you are sick enough to need medical attention. Your doctor gives you two options. A pill you can take that is 20% effective or a four-step daily routine you need to follow that’s 80% effective. Which would you choose?

    You would choose the solution that had an 80% effectiveness – right? You want to feel better, and start enjoying life again.

    If you know networking will work, why doesn’t everyone do more?

    Then why… why… WHY are you spending all your time on job boards, spending hours modifying your resume and cover letter only to submit it and never ever hear anything back? The ghosting from job boards is real my friends.

    Only 20% of jobs are filled on job boards. 80% of jobs are filled through networking yet very few job seekers are out there networking. At least not enough and definitely not the right way.

    When you know you have a proven solution to your problem, and you really want to land your dream job; then why aren’t you doing it?

    The reality is most people hate networking. They would rather get a root canal than network. It sucks, it’s awkward, and you feel like a bit of a loser when you feel like you’re always hitting people up for jobs.

    And for those of you who have tried networking, you know how it goes. You get ghosted, or have one conversation and don’t know how to keep the conversation moving. Sometimes people say they will help and then you never hear back or you feel like a bother and an intrusion.

    There is a better way to network and land your dream job

    What if it didn’t suck and it didn’t make you feel awkward and you actually got people to want to talk to you.

    Think it’s not possible? Let me share a story with you.

    My client Ann was the president of the introverts anonymous club. The thought of networking made her skin crawl and literally sent her into a full-scale anxiety attack.

    She’s a researcher by trade and loved to geek out over the numbers, data, and statistical models. When she started to have conversations around things she knew well, and things she loved she felt natural and couldn’t get enough of it. Guess what? One of those geeky conversations landed her next role doing her dream job, working with geeks just like her, and making 30K more.

    Want to be like Ann? I hope you do. Here’s what you need to consider.

    1. Talk about what you love, not what you do and opportunities will come.
    2. Build a solid plan that puts you in front of the right people all the time.
    3. Spend 80% of your time networking and 20% of your time cruising the job boards.
    4. Get clear on your value proposition so when you get the question “So what do you do?” you are ready.

    Networking doesn’t have to be hard

    I get it… it’s hard but I’m telling you it’s the only way for you to get everything you want and it doesn’t have to suck. I promise.

    “When you talk about what you love and not what you do the entire conversation changes and amazing things start to happen for you.”

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