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    Change Your Career to Work From Home!

    Life feels so much sweeter when you are doing what you love from a place that you love. Now you’re sacrificing your best life because your employer wants you back in the office. On average, remote jobs have 30% more applicants and the competition is fierce. Beat the competition and land the perfect role when you work with our expert coaches.

    80% of our clients are in a remote role within 5-6 months and are earning 35% more on average.

    The rules are different when competing for remote work. We have the tools, programs and expertise to help you succeed.


    Achieve more and get specific guidance on how to navigate through the issues that are slowing you down.


    Succeed faster when you access our free library of downloadable done-for-you templates, checklists, and job aids.


    Reach your goals now by participating in one of our personalized private, group, or membership coaching programs.


    CWC coaches are the real deal! This was a great experience that forced me to ask myself hard questions. The program helps you recognize what you bring to the table when you are trying to make that next move in your career. If you are ready to advance in your career, contact CWC now! You won’t regret it.

    Tameeka Henry

    Senior Product Designer, Spotify

    Our View On Seeking a Remote Career


    You shouldn’t have to go back to the office because your company bought a new building or because your boss needs to see you to know that you’re working.  In today’s environment, the best companies realize that hiring the best people and letting them do their job from anywhere is a winning strategy.

    There are more opportunities than ever to work remotely and the competition is fierce. You need to show up differently to have a lifestyle as great as your career.

    Need some inspiration?  Watch CWC Founder Tammy Alvarez recount how she traded in a sardine-packed subway for a Caribbean breeze.


    CWC meets you right where you are and works from there. My coach is honest, and I learned so much about what was holding me back and what worked for me. And the sessions are great: the coaches are funny, kind, and a joy to be around. Hire one of CWC’s coaches already!

    Adria Gallup-Black, Ph.D.

    Research Scientist, Abt Associates

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    This was the program I needed to zero in on what career opportunities I want to pursue. The resources CWC introduced me to are great tools that I am using to help me stand out in the job market. The homework assignments were very insightful.

    Jason Kinard

    Logistics Specialist, H.M.S. Productions

    You are now competing against the best national and international talent out there.

    Making these mistakes sends you down the cold, dark road to nowheresville:

    Thinking you can do what you've always done to land the job.

    Failing to effectively differentiate yourself from the pack.

    Submitting your resume blindly on job boards, hoping someone will recognize your talents.

    Trying to figure out the new rules through trial and error.

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    End the Daily Grind and Enjoy the Career and Lifestyle You Deserve.

    80% of our clients are in a new role within 5-6 months and earning 35% more on average.

    Explore Our Remote Career Revolution Program.


    This was truly a mind-changing game. I dreaded the job search – always struggling with ways to “promote” myself. This program helped me clearly see all of the skills I have and how to present them.

    Jim Hoyer

    Manager - IT Virtualization, Temple University Health System

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    Are you being called back to the office but don’t want to go?

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