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    Guarantee your talents are instantly valued when you start your new job.

    Immediately make your mark and show them why hiring you was the best decision ever. It takes more than a good first impression to make an impact in a new role. You’ve worked hard to get here and now it’s time to create a winning strategy so you succeed.  Our expert coaches can help you thrive during this unique opportunity to start off strong. 

    95% of our clients are in a new role within 4-5 months and are earning 20% more on average.

    Thrive in your new role faster. Profit from the wisdom and guidance from career strategy experts.


    Achieve more and get specific guidance on how to navigate through the issues that are slowing you down.


    Succeed faster when you access our free library of downloadable done-for-you templates, checklists, and job aids.


    Reach your goals now by participating in one of our personalized private, group, or membership coaching programs.


    The CWC coaches are the type of people everyone needs in their life! Their career path, positive attitude, and excitement really helped me understand my full career potential through the career coaching program. I was at a point in my career where I wanted to experience something new but had no idea where to start. I had low confidence, imposter syndrome, and was afraid to get out of my comfort zone. Their program provided me with counsel, connections, and amazing guidance that I used to empower myself and my career. A huge thank you to Tammy and the CWC team.

    Lana Kelley

    Senior Consultant, Proviti

    Our View On Success In A New Role

    It takes a lot of time and effort to land a new job and you should be proud of yourself for your accomplishments! After the celebrations are over, you start to realize that the hard work is just beginning. It is vitally important to make the right moves, leverage your fresh start, and make the impact you were hired to make. 

    The more senior you are, the less room you have for mistakes and missteps. How do you integrate into the new work, people, and operational norms with grace and speed? Check out the video and find out! 


    My CWC coach has been an invaluable career coach and advocate for me to reassess my career interests and skills. She’s a dynamic professional and strategic thinker which Is a MUST in the current environment and when contemplating upgrading and enhancing careers. I oftentimes refer to the work product created while working with my coach. This has led to greater connectivity with former business colleagues as well as opportunities. I could not have made a better investment in ME while working with CWC. They truly are my trusted advisor.

    Chuck Myers

    Head of Compliance Advisory, Santander Bank, NA

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    My CWC coach was methodical, detailed, and available – giving me homework assignments and working expertly through the moments when I was “stuck”. The highlight was developing a branding strategy and discovering my personal “IT” factor. I am happy to recommend CWC to anyone seeking a career change or just a boost to bust through momentary obstacles in defining career goals and rediscovering the hidden talents that lie within all of us.

    Richard Goldstein

    Mortgage Loan Officer, Scott Capital Group

    It would be a shame to fall short after all the hard work it took you to get here.

    Could you be sabotaging your chances of success in your new job?

    Failing to build trust quickly with a brand-new team that doesn’t know you.

    Missing the nuances of the corporate culture to understand how things really get done.

    Sounding like a rookie as you learn new topics and ask questions.

    Continuing the same bad habits that have held you back in the past.

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    Congratulations! You’ve landed the job. Now it’s time to show them how awesome you really are.

    95% of our clients are in a new role within 4-5 months and are earning 20% more on average.


    Make all the right moves that set you up for long-term success in your first 90 days with the 90-Day Fast Start Program.


    It was a great jumpstart.  My CWC coach is always so encouraging and invigorating.  I really respect her as a businesswoman and a coach.  I would highly recommend CWC.  It is a lot of work in a short time but well worth it.

    Gwen Jordan

    Business Manager, UBS Financial Services

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